This collection explores the challenges that face personal individuation, such as societal expectations and social media. The collection highlights how social media has led to a distorted sense of reality, and created an unhealthy obsession in rising generations.

With hard hitting prints and details in the form of faces, a dynamic, contemporary feel emerges from this collection. Experimenting with taffeta, chiffon, denim, poplin and organza, the eccentric designs include oversized silhouettes, drawstring details, knife pleats and safari pockets. The color palette bears bursts of purple, yellow and orange for a determined, assertive aesthetic. These bold hues each have a meaning of their own, representing individuality, hope and danger respectively.

In collaboration with jewelry designer Rola Mezher, Ahmad Abdullatif has also created an accessory line of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more using Plexiglass in bright, jewel tones such as yellow, orange, purple, blue and black.