Isometric odyssey     

This collection draws inspiration from the video game "Lost in Random," which features a captivating world divided into six unique realms. Onecroft, the most impoverished realm, sustains itself by salvaging discarded materials from other worlds. In stark contrast, Sixtopia, the opulent realm ruled by the queen, boasts a lavish environment constructed entirely of crystals. The design concept of this collection aims to illuminate social inequality and poverty through intricate details and textile manipulation. Drawing from the game's casino-themed components, such as the cardmaker's world, the gambler's world, and card-based betting, these elements are integrated into the textile manipulation using Shibori, embossing, dyeing, gathering, and applique. Additionally, the ornate baroque engravings found in the game underwent a contemporary reinterpretation. The traditional knight archetype was modernized, transforming it into a novel and innovative design element within the collection.