Gene-ius Mystics 

Gene-ius Mystics is a streetwear collection that embarks on a sartorial journey at the crossroads of science and the supernatural. Drawing inspiration from the intriguing world of the video game 'Research and Destroy,' this unique ensemble blends rugged textures from various animal skins, graphic prints, and bold contrasting colors. The collection pays homage to the diverse cast of characters within the game, capturing their essence through a fusion of styles. The garments showcase a range of silhouettes, diverging from oversized to tight, resulting in urban fashion with a distinctive touch of scientific ingenuity. Tailored for science enthusiasts, gamers, and those who dare to embrace their inner explorer, this streetwear collection breaks boundaries in both fashion and self-expression. It's a testament to the bold spirit of individuals who appreciate pushing the limits of style while celebrating the intersection of innovation and creativity.