Spurred by a personal journey of loss, grief and acceptance, this collection is a deeply emotional one. Throughout the design process, Amir confronted his feelings by focusing on them closely, as though they were pixels. While exploring these pixels and dealing with his own emotional struggle, Amir became overwhelmed - something that is translated through his work in moody tones, distorted fabrics and dramatic draping.

Featuring flowing silhouettes, defined waists and exaggerated shoulders, the pieces that make up the Acid collection enhance the feminine form. Using hand-painted fabric, the designer began his process by respecting basic shapes and cuts before manipulating and distorting them.

With a dark color palette of black, grey, dark blue and petroleum hues, this collection conveys a sense of detachment - an aspect echoed in hand-distorted materials. Hope and acceptance are portrayed by pops of red, yellow and pink, and these tones also represent the memories and love shared with his late brother.