Umoja is a movement. A man-free African village run exclusively by women who chose to take charge of their own destiny and retaliate against the superiority of men who failed to protect them. This collection sheds light on this innovative tribe and is a reflection of their bold sense of individuality and independence. In a sense of character, these tribal women achieved self-liberation thus comparing to the modernity of urban women. ‘Umoja’ - the collection- is an intertwining of modern silhouettes and fabrics and tribal colors and prints; sunny yellow, rich violet, and scorching red reminiscent of elements under the African sun are woven together alongside pieces of busy sequins symbolizing the flashy city life of today’s woman. All in all, the collection is a salute of powerful women in all settings who pick their battles every single day, who choose to embrace the rules whenever they seem fit and retaliate when even an inch of their freedom is compromised by any outsider.